Caller Etiquette

Rules to live by

Ever wondered why you have had your phone call answered by someone who appears to be a Bitch from Hell?

Well maybe if you take the time to read this page you will be able to educate yourself on how to contact a Mistress without getting your ear chewed off.

With this clarification, a more pleasant phone experience between Mistress and caller is more than likely to be ensured.

What we Mistresses loath to hear when we answer the phone is this; Hi Honey, Darling,  Sweetheart and the list goes on.

We consider it rude and disrespectful and any person with an ounce of common sense would fully understand why the Mistress either hangs up or politely tells the caller to F**K OFF.

Listed below are examples of the type of callers that do not amuse us and WHY I am NOT accepting any more calls!

The Bargain Hunt Caller

Their first words, even before a greeting, are “How Much?” Of course, we understand that a potential slave needs to know the amount of tribute, but if this is the very first thought that springs into the caller’s mind then it is likely that the Mistress’s answer is going to be “You cannot afford me”. It also implies a fake submissive that is on the prowl for something cheap and self-serving.

The Cannot be Bothered to Read Caller

A very annoying caller type is that of someone who just cannot be bothered to read the information a Mistress has clearly provided on her website.

Rules and conditions that clearly state how to arrange an appointment seem invisible to these particular callers.

And no matter how big and bold your lettering is stating; No Sex, No HJs etc. Guess what he wants?

It goes to show you that there are people out there who just cannot read what is in front of them!

The Lister Caller

The caller type that reels off a shopping list of things that he expects.

Once again a false submissive with hidden agendas and far too many expectations for self-gratification.

The Masturbating Caller

This caller must make every Mistress want to throw her mobile phone into the nearest bin.

Known to every Mistress, this caller type has no interest in making an appointment, the phone call is his appointment. He excessively asks too many questions, wants too many details and wants to make an appointment, you know he is not going to keep. Asking for a deposit is like asking for blood from a stone.

All Mistresses have become wise to these jerking off time-wasters. I personally just hang up. I even store numbers into my phone of constant time-wasters; I just ignore their calls completely.

The Drunken Late Night Caller

Expecting a Mistress to answer Her phone on a Saturday evening when the clock is reading 11pm.

You will be ignored, your number stored and no way will you ever gain an appointment with a Mistress.

The Text Messager

No no no! Grow yourself a spine and have the decency to call. Unless you are underage in which you should not even be reading this, let alone texting a Mistress.

By following a few simple rules, you can avoid your call from ending abruptly.

Remember to read all information provided and follow directions of the entire advertisement, be respectful and polite when contacting a Mistress.

This will guarantee an understandable phone conversation between Mistress and caller.

I am fair If you approach me in a respectful manner.

My decision to give you the opportunity to serve Me depends on you.

          Respectfully contact Me using the contact form ONLY!

Click here for contact. 

   I am NOT accepting any phone calls or Text messages and 

Absolutely No WhatsApp, this is My choice so please respect this!

This is because of Time-wasters and various types of calls I listed before.

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